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Below is a quick view and easy checkout of certain products for *LOCAL customers* only. For non-local customers, please visit our Etsy shop.

For any order inquiries or give us details about a custom order request, visit our Availability Inquiry page. We’re happy to help and serve.

We thank you in advance and appreciate you supporting our small family business.

-Liz Ray 🍪❤️🍪

Warmed & Fed Cookie Kits

Kit includes: •12 naked cookies (over 200 cookie shapes available) •TWO icing bags (choose from pink, blue, purple, orange, green, yellow) extra bag of icing is $2 each • TWO - 1 oz bags of sprinkles


Dozen Graduation Cookies without Glitter

12 Graduation Cap Cookies, two colors, name and year inscription


Half Dozen Large Chocolate Chip


Half Dozen Large Peanut Butter


Half Dozen Large Macadamia Nut


Dozen Large Chocolate Chip

12 Large Chocolate Chip Cookies


Dozen Large Peanut Butter


Dozen Large Macadamia Nut


Half Dozen Fun Confetti Chip Cookies

6 Large Confetti Chip Cookies with Sprinkles


Dozen Fun Confetti Chip Cookies

12 Large Confetti Chip Cookies with Sprinkles


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