First Attempt 

Lately, I've been busy helping my husband with the student ministries at our church. Although, I have been cooking and baking delicious things for my family. I've hosted a few dinner parties in our home celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries.  Last night, I made these adorable baby onsie sugar cookies for my little sister. She … Continue reading First Attempt 

Naomi’s Weekend Bash

My firstborn graduated from Kindergarten and turned six years old in the same week! It was a beautiful Friday morning and excitement filled the kindergarten hall. Naomi looked so adorable in her white cap and gown. Her class gave a wonderful presentation of songs, scripture recitations, and a slide show of special moments from throughout the year. … Continue reading Naomi’s Weekend Bash

My Sweet Erwin-town

After four weeks of 14-16 hour-days working hard at packing, moving, unpacking, settling in, and all of our daily things in between, I can finally sit down and write. We have moved to Clinton where my husband and I have joined the staff of Spirit of Life Church as Student Pastors. Everyone has been supportive and hospitable. I am … Continue reading My Sweet Erwin-town