I’m Back!

Hello, my cookie lovers! 🍪❤️🍪 Been wondering where I’ve been the last year? Well here’s the scoop! I had the opportunity to teach full time at a local Christian academy. This resulted in my having to pause the cookie business for a while. After working a couple of months, we found out we were expecting! … Continue reading I’m Back!

First Attempt 

Lately, I've been busy helping my husband with the student ministries at our church. Although, I have been cooking and baking delicious things for my family. I've hosted a few dinner parties in our home celebrating birthdays and wedding anniversaries.  Last night, I made these adorable baby onsie sugar cookies for my little sister. She … Continue reading First Attempt 

Heavy Cream Substitutes

My lil sis texted me asking if she could use half and half instead of whole milk or heavy cream to make a chowder. I realized that I had the same question when I made my first chowder. I mean that's a lot of fat! But...exactly, fat. The more fat the milk contains the less … Continue reading Heavy Cream Substitutes

Pies and More Pies

Now featuring Specialty Pies!   Who doesn't love a good slice of homemade pie! We have Chocolate Chess Pie, Pumpkin Pie, and Tradional Apple Pie. If you're looking for something else, we bake Blueberry Pie, Pecan Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie, and Sweet Potato Pie. All made from scratch. We make our fillings and even shell … Continue reading Pies and More Pies

Homemade Alphabet Soup

   My oldest started first grade while my second daughter is at home with me being mommy's helper. The other day, my oldest asked me for soup. So I made her Alphabet soup; it has become her favorite.  Here's the quick recipe: Blend the following ingredients to make a watery tomato purée in a blender … Continue reading Homemade Alphabet Soup