About Me

Cooking and baking have always been a way of expressing my affection to the ones I love. I started cooking at the age of 12 back home in Texas for my three sisters. The first attempt was when my older sister came home famished after marching band practice. My parents were out-of-town and I felt I had to save the day. What I prepared was an early version of my cheesy beef enchiladas. My sister said it was good and she was content. As time progressed, I became the “cook” in my family. I learned watching my parents cook my favorite dishes. I would ask lots of questions and was attentive to any tips. I became aware through my love for food that cooking is both a science and an art. I made many mistakes and I had meltdowns of disappointment, but my family was always honest and supportive.

I love looking back at the smiles and the satisfied bellies from family and friends. I can recall many friendships that began as a result of cooking from gatherings that took place for no other reason than for just being together. Engagements, birthdays, graduations, and holidays…all over a good meal.

Nothing makes me feel comfort like home-cooked food. So the purpose of this blog is an opportunity for me to share this love with you. I’ll feature recipes from other great cooks as well as my own. I hope you’ll enjoy it and as always be Warmed & Fed!

Liz Ray


Liz is a wife of 14 years to her husband, Greg. They both have three beautiful children; Naomi, Emma and Josiah. Liz enjoys spending time with her family on the beach, camping, or canoeing down the Cape Fear River. Her favorite things in life are chips and salsa, dark chocolate, chai tea, and summertime. She loves to make people happy through her cooking and baking. Liz has a heart for people to know that God immensely loves them and He is fully present. She is passionate about leading people into an awareness of God during corporate worship. Alongside her husband, she helps at Hope Family Church.


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Liz. This is Rhonda, Nathan’s Mom. I love your website. I have made many receipes of yours. I love your website. Thank you for sharing your receipes with us. Thank you Liz,

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