My Summer in Texas

This past summer, my husband and I packed our two girls in our van and headed down to help a group of people start a church. We did hard work everyday for 6 weeks: building, cleaning, landscaping, and eating! Boy, did we eat! We enjoyed lot’s of authentic Tex-Mex food, Texas-style BBQ and burgers, Valley tamales and raspas, sweet bread, aguas frescas, and fresh tropical fruit. (Oh, my mouth is watering!)

One Thursday morning, my girls wanted to eat at one of my family’s favorite place for breakfast tacos. They are also known for their breakfast special: two eggs, 3 strips of bacon, side of potatoes and refried beans with flour tortillas and coffee. All for less than four bucks! My girls like to order their Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes with a side order of crispy bacon. After breakfast, I wanted to pick up a bag of sweet bread at our usual bakery. To my surprise, it had closed! As we were heading home, somehow, I took a wrong turn and ended up on the corner of Lara’s Bakery. I saw cars parked bumper to bumper with a line of customers almost tailing outside the bakery. I thought to myself that’s a good sign.

The moment you enter in, the smell of sweet goodness fills the atmosphere. There was an employee ready to take my order. I took a while deciding which items I wanted to choose. I was overwhelmed by all they had to offer. Suddenly, I had an idea. I introduced myself and asked if I could speak to the owner. Mrs. Terri Lara Green walked out from the back covered in flour. She smiled at me and said, “Hi, how can I help you?” I told her all about my blog and that I wanted to feature her bakery in it. She was delighted. After the quick interview, I left with a box of their most popular items. I went home and ate my fill.

Laras Bakery-15 copy

Lara’s Bakery has been in business since 1957. Mrs. Green’s father opened the bakery and it has stayed in the family. Always trying to keep the quality of their bread, they have used the same recipes. They begin baking at 3 a.m. and complete their last batch late afternoon. As a result of customers continuously walking in, their items don’t last long on the racks. Mrs. Green mentioned most of the parishioners from the catholic church around the corner never fail to come in on the weekends. She appreciates all of her customers.

Two weeks later, J Lori Photography captured these pictures of the shop and their employees for me. I had called her immediately after my first visit and told her about the bakery. Since she was going to be in town from Tulsa, OK, I asked if she would come in and take a few shots. I love seeing her do her work. She is very good at what she does. Thank you, J Lori! 🙂

If you are ever in Harlingen, TX, put this bakery on your to-do list; you will not be disappointed.

Laras Bakery-14 copy Laras Bakery-9 copy

Laras Bakery-16 copy

Here are a few of their popular items.

Laras Bakery-11 copy Laras Bakery-10 copy Laras Bakery-7 copy Laras Bakery-6 copy Laras Bakery-2 copy

These chocolate donuts are my favorite.

Laras Bakery-5 copy

Thanks again for stopping by the blog. Hope everyone is having a great week!

Liz Ray

2 thoughts on “My Summer in Texas

  1. Wow great story Liz . I didn’t know it had been around for so long . I do remember though when I was about 16 I went in for a job interview at this bakery but unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough at counting 😦 . Thanks you for this story I guess some places are better when you take a closer look .


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