Setting Up Shop!

I’m excited to announce….We have decided to set up shop on Sweet Treats by Warmed and Fed!

You now can grab a dozen or more of these delicious cookies that everyone is talking about and experience a little taste of cookie heaven!

 I appreciate the sweet comments I’ve received; here are a few:

The cookies were awesome! Thank you so much for doing them, you saved the party!” -Lauren L., Dunn, NC

“I shared your cookies with a coworker and she said,”oh my goodness, its like a taste of heaven!”. ☺ –Lori V., Tulsa, OK

“Delicious!! For real, the best I have ever tasted!!!” –Tara D., Garland, NC

“I know they’re called sugar cookies but they’re so moist and buttery! Yumm!!” –Noemi C., Harlingen, TX

“Your Christmas cookies were divine! You need to open up a bakery!” -Rhonda P., Clinton, NC

Thank you for your support by visiting my blog, trying my recipes, and sharing this passion of mine. I appreciate it more than you know.

And as always Happy cooking, Happy eating!

Liz Ray

M&M Cookies



School Cookies

*I will work to accommodate any shape of cookie or color of icing you need.

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