Cinco de Mayo Part II

I had a lot of fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo. My girls looked adorable in their dresses! 🙂 The embroidery is gorgeous! We made colorful flowers made out of tissue paper to decorate for dinner and had show-n-tell about the pottery we bought on our past trips to Mexico. I’d love to go again to buy more.




I had prepared an all-day menu of my favorite dishes. We had Conchas Mexicanas with fresh fruit and scrambled eggs to start the day. For Lunch, we had Tortas, also known as Lonches (Lunches). They are substantial for a mid-day break after working hard.

A Torta, is a sandwich made on pan Bolillo (a crusty white sandwich roll). I made the rolls but they can be found at your local mexican bakery or grocery store. I made my torta with avocado, turkey, and sliced mozzarella cheese with sliced jalapeños and washed it down with a cold bottle of Joya de Manzana (an apple flavored soda drink).



For dinner, we had Tostadas de Frijol! They are made by deep frying a corn tortilla flat, using the shell as a base, and piling any ingredients you prefer.




I hope you had a nice Cinco de Mayo! Be sure to stay tuned throughout the month of May for the recipes to these delicious dishes featured here and in Cinco de Mayo Part I.



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