The Day I Went Strawberry Pickin

Earlier this week, my father-in-law took my girls and me to pick strawberries at a local farm, and did we have a time! I laughed so much as I would see my girls pick some and eat some. My Emma was covered from head to toe in strawberry juice; she'd run giggling all the while she … Continue reading The Day I Went Strawberry Pickin

You gotta love a Gordita!

Oh my, I love Gorditas! They are substantial, wholesome, and easy to make. Gordita means "little fat one." They are corn cakes either deep fried or baked on a "comal" or skillet. You can fill them with cheese, meats, vegetables, beans or any other filling you desire. They are an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. … Continue reading You gotta love a Gordita!

Spicy Roasted Corn Chowder

I must admit, for the past three weeks I felt I was in a warped zone. Like I had lost my "groove" around here at home. I fell behind on house work, hardly any activities were scheduled for my girls, and my husband had to get take-out more than what we are used to. That isn't like us. I … Continue reading Spicy Roasted Corn Chowder

Conchas Mexicanas (Mexican Seashells)

I remember when I was a little girl dipping this sweet bread in my dad's coffee. It was the only time he would let me have coffee and I felt so grown. This pastry, known for its sugar topping that forms a seashell-like shape, is one of the most popular Mexican sweet bread. When you take a bite into one of these, … Continue reading Conchas Mexicanas (Mexican Seashells)

Cinco de Mayo Part II

I had a lot of fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo. My girls looked adorable in their dresses! 🙂 The embroidery is gorgeous! We made colorful flowers made out of tissue paper to decorate for dinner and had show-n-tell about the pottery we bought on our past trips to Mexico. I'd love to go again to buy more.   … Continue reading Cinco de Mayo Part II